Hope Unlimited for Children

Hi, my name is Talia :). At Hope, I learned to Thrive. Thrive Team: Changing the World one child at a time.

Every child deserves the chance to thrive!

For millions of abandoned and exploited orphans in Brazil, the chance to thrive is no more than an illusory dream. Instead, their lives are filled with pain, hunger, fear, and desperation. Lives without the chance to be children.

But for many of these children, there is Hope. The chance to thrive is exactly what Hope Unlimited for Children brings to over 1,200 children every day. Since 1991, Hope Unlimited has provided the very best in residential care and day programming for mortally at-risk children. The children of Hope receive every tool they need to thrive: education, family, home, recreation, friends, role models, and spiritual formation. Hope.

Transforming young lives takes effort. 100% of your commitment of $35.00 per month will help us change the world for a child in mortal need. JOIN THE TEAM NOW!

Each Thrive Team member receives:
  • Monthly email updates that feature the story of a child who is thriving at one of our campuses
  • A Thrive Team T-shirt
  • A Thrive Team bracelet with the name of a Hope child

JOY in knowing you're giving a child the chance to thrive!

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    Transforming young lives is a group effort! Help spread the word about Thrive Team and build awareness of children suffering abuse, exploitation and abandonment.
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      Thrive Team: Changing the World One Child at a time.

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  • Who Joins the Thrive Team?
    Advocates working toward changing the lives of abandoned and exploited children join the Thrive Team. Thrive Team members sponsor the children of Hope Unlimited through a monthly donation of $35 per month.
    Hope Unlimited works diligently to make sure that every sponsorship provided by a Thrive Team member helps transform the life of a child. Most important, unlike most other child sponsorship programs, 100% of every Thrive Team sponsorship goes directly to the children of Hope; we do not pay any overhead or administrative expenses with sponsorship funds.
  • WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO thrive?
    Thriving is a way to describe the healthy development of children, focusing on affirmative attributes rather than negative outcomes. Children thrive when they are positively engaging both their present and their future. At Hope Unlimited for Children, we strive to provide a positive peer culture in which children can embrace their present and prepare for their future.
    • family and community: A family. A positive peer culture. A caring neighborhood. Three adult role models from outside the family. Positive family communications. To know that he or she is safe. A school with a strong learning environment.
    • responsibility and empowerment: Clearly defined boundaries. Chores. Service to others. High expectations for achievement. To know contributions are valued. Homework. Positive values of honesty, integrity, caring.
    • positive Use of Time: One hour of physical play every day. Down time every day. Daily time to read for pleasure. At least three hours per week of cultural/artistic activities.
    • spiritual development: Weekly spiritual formation. To know God loves them.
  • This logo symbolizes all that we strive to provide for the children of Hope. The arrow points upward, symbolizing growth, improvement, and engaging the future. The arrow also carries the shape of a home, because it is at Hope that many of our children experience family for the first time. The drop of water represents not only the life-sustaining work of Hope, but also the Living Water which brings true transformation.
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